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Information is critical to the success of any travel management program. The ability to gather and analyze data is a must for travel managers and senior personnel alike to immediately address policy compliance issues and strengthen vendor negotiations with airline, hotel, and car rental suppliers.

safetogoIn today’s business world, travel apps are no longer a luxury. They are as integral a part of traveling as a travel management company and a cellular phone is. TravelPlex realizes this, and we are proud to announce our newest technology partner, SafeToGo.

Long before the Internet changed the landscape of the travel industry, the Global Distribution System (GDS) was created by the airline industry. The airlines created the first GDS in the 1960’s as a way to track flight schedules, availability, pricing and offer inventory to travel agencies. In the 1970’s, SABRE (owned by American Airlines) and Apollo (owned by United) installed their GDS technology in travel agencies. Galileo and Amadeus joined the ranks a few years later. This technology helped travel agents automatically generate their own airline reservations for their clients and saved an incredible amount of time. These GDS’s also gave the major airlines significantly increased sales exposure.

booking builderTravelPlex employs one of the most comprehensive fare search engines available today. While BookingBuilder has the capability to scan over 70 airline and airfare websites, TravelPlex has, for speed reasons, limited our scraping window to roughly 30 primary sites. Expedia, Orbitz, Kayak, Southwest Airlines and American Airlines are but a few of the sites we have access to.

Our ability to provide Concur Travel as your booking tool solution enables travelers and travel arrangers to create policy-compliant air, car, rail and hotel reservations. Concur is supported by powerful and intuitive search capabilities plus efficient and time-saving booking processes that ensure compliance and significantly improve cost efficiencies. Aided by BookingBuilder, TravelPlex allows Concur to scrape 30 of the top Internet sites to make sure the traveler is receiving the absolute lowest prices. Being confident in what you are offered is just one of the many TravelPlex advantages.